What is most important?

What is the most important thing for you to realize in your life?

To realize your inner Beingness.

How do you do that?

Step out of thinking.

Really! Is that possible without years of meditation?

Yes, you can do it in a moment, in this moment. Want to try it?

I don’t think I can.

How would you know unless you tried? Here is a simple glimpse behind the thinking mind. It is very simple, so don’t miss it. Bring your attention to the breath, consciously breathe in, as you would normally but count how many seconds it takes you to breathe in, and then do the same for exhaling. After the third round of breaths, pause at the end of the inhalation, pause for just a moment, but explore the pause with your feelings. For me, it feels vast, open, expansive, and wondrous.

How does it feel for you? You might also use words such as peaceful, or still. That is a glimpse of your true Being, that lies behind the thinking mind. If you like what you experienced, as much as I do, then you allow your love for it to inspire you to want to realize that space more and more to accomplish in a sense what may be called the highest purpose of your life.