Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, Mc Caysville, GA


In case you have not read the previous posts, I am sharing with you major intersections on my spiritual journey. It began with taking the Silva Method of Mind Development, which led to a desire to become one of their instructors. Since yoga was a parent of Silva, that led me to my yogic studies. While teaching yoga in California, my mother passed away and I went back to New Jersey to be with my family. It was that time, in 1982 that  I finally became certified as a Silva Instructor and began teaching the course at community colleges.

It was while teaching the Silva class that a student, that was not familiar to me, came up and handed me a book written by a woman named, Patricia Hayes. I believe it was called, The Gatekeeper. She said she thought I would be interested in the book. I never saw that student again, and it one of those moments where there is a suspicion of an angelic intercession.

I attended my first week long residential training  at Delphi, in 1986, and then many more after that. Delphi was a beautiful retreat center on property that had once been inhabited by the Cherokee Indians, near the Blueridge Mountains of Georgia. The purpose of the class was to assist one to become a clear channel of love, light and healing. It was a major step in the next  transformation in my life. I left there in love with the world, with the ability to see the beauty in every being I met. I returned many times for continued training and finally after fulfilling the needed requirements became ordained as a Minister in the Church of Wisdom, taking a vow to guide others on their spiritual path. I went through another two year training  and sessions of my own spiritual purification and became certified as a Ro-hun  Therapist.   Within that time, I moved to Georgia and was hired in as the school administrator, a teacher and Ro-hun therapist for the school. 

It was beautiful to watch the transformation of the students from when they arrived to when they leaved. My dad came to take the training, and on the second night he came in a gave me a hug, the first hug since I was a little girl. His heart had been opened. His partner continues to thank me today for the softness that flowered from my father taking the class.

The six years I was involved in Delphi, from 1986 until 1991, have been a major impact in my life, and my teaching, and for what surprising twist of fate was next for me in my life.