What is most important?

What is the most important thing for you to realize in your life?

To realize your inner Beingness.

How do you do that?

Step out of thinking.

Really! Is that possible without years of meditation?

Yes, you can do it in a moment, in this moment. Want to try it?

I don’t think I can.

How would you know unless you tried? Here is a simple glimpse behind the thinking mind. It is very simple, so don’t miss it. Bring your attention to the breath, consciously breathe in, as you would normally but count how many seconds it takes you to breathe in, and then do the same for exhaling. After the third round of breaths, pause at the end of the inhalation, pause for just a moment, but explore the pause with your feelings. For me, it feels vast, open, expansive, and wondrous.

How does it feel for you? You might also use words such as peaceful, or still. That is a glimpse of your true Being, that lies behind the thinking mind. If you like what you experienced, as much as I do, then you allow your love for it to inspire you to want to realize that space more and more to accomplish in a sense what may be called the highest purpose of your life.

Kundalini Yoga


I have participated in part of  a Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training Course. Kundalini Yoga focuses on much more than just postures or asanas. It includes mantras, mudras, chakras and lots of pranayama or powerful breathing practices. It is quite challenging and requires a person to be willing surrender to a higher power within themselves in order to keep going. Then one contacts that deep I AM Presence that in truth is doing it all anyway.

Sat Nam, Sat means truth, nam is an acknowledgement to that truth. When we chant Sat Nam we are chanting to uncover the truth of our  being.

After working in a hospital as a chaplain, I found I needed to move to a  more yin type of practice.

The Silva Method of Mind Development


In New Jersey, I first took the Silva Method in 1977, after reading the Power of Alpha Thinking by Jess Stearn. I would say the Silva Method has been a foundation for my life the last 30 or so years. In fact most of my family has also taken the course. It gave me a great sense of confidence to believe things could turn out well if I just went for it and took the leap. It was, I believe, one of the first courses around on the power of positive thinking.  The secret was not a secret then.

 Jose Silva, had said the parents of the course were yoga and hypnosis. The course taught the yoga meditation practices of Self Mastery, to being aware of our thoughts and consciously put effort into changing our habit patterns, so we could live up to our fullest potential.

 At that time the course was set up as two full weekends. The course was based on learning how to access areas of the brain that  were more powerfully impacted through our intentions. He called it , “going to level.” At that time the word meditation scared many people off.  The practice of “going to level,” continued and deepened as the four days went on.  Then we learned techniques we could use, while at level.  These included, deep relaxation,  stress control, going to sleep without drugs, waking up without an alarm clock, remembering and receiving guidance in our dreams, getting rid of headaches or pain without aspirin, using mental anesthesia, losing weight, quitting smoking or any other habit, self-healing, and increasing our ability to develop our resource for inner guidance and intuition. Oh yes, and of course improving your memory, which was one of my favorite techniques.

Jose Silva, the creator of the course was a great humanitarian. Before coming out of level, we would imagine ourselves viewing all of humanity, depending on their ages, as fathers or mothers, sisters or brothers, or sons or daughters.

Graduates of the program were invited to come back and repeat the course for free. This was a great benefit that I used many times. It allows one to get a Silva tune up and also allows the first timers to hear success stories from the graduates.

I fell in love with the course the first time I took it and felt I wanted to become a teacher of the course, which I did six years later. In the mean time I had lots of preparation to do before I would be ready to teach. 

So life took me on a journey, and the next step will be in the next blog post.

Silva is still around and I continue to repeat classes, the last one being in 2012.

Check out their website they have some free offerings. http://www.silvamethod.com