Letting Go,


Dr. David Hawkins, author of Letting Go, had a powerful spiritual awakening at a young age. His occupation took him into the field of psychiatry and was involved in searching to find a relief to human suffering in its various forms. He explored many modalities from the mundane to the metaphysical. Through all the explorations he found the mechanism of surrender to be the most practical.

Hawkins had written over ten books previously about understanding enlightenment and consciousness while having thousands of students inquire how to deal with obstacles to enlightenment. What is the best way to deal with the challenges that life offers us, through our disappointment, grief, and stress? How can we free ourselves from the impact of negative emotions that impact our health, our jobs and relationships? How do we handle all our unwanted feelings?  What do we do with the whirlwind of thoughts that are chattering in the mind, that create unwanted feelings? Or the thoughts that continuously offering its opinions or judgments?

Dr. Hawkins wrote his final book, his final gift to others before he left this earth plane reality, offering us a simple and effective way to let go of negative feelings and become free. The book is, Letting Go, The Pathway to Surrender.

I have already seen a tremendous shift in myself after reading just the first part of this book and that is why I am sharing this with you. Hawkins says, “the letting go technique is a pragmatic system of eliminating obstacles and attachments. It can also be called a mechanism of surrender.” He warns us that it may sound like a simple thing, so we don’t feel moved to pay attention. His suggestion is to realize it is the trick of the ego to try to get you to not pay attention. 

More in part two…