The Enlightened Christ, I and my Father are One.


This weekend I attended an Orientation to the Priest Training of the Christian Community Church, inspired by Rudolph Steiner. Steiner was a mystic who lived in the late 1800’s and was also the inspiration for Waldorf Education. So quite often one might find a Christian Community Church somewhere around a Waldorf Community. Their service is one of the most mystical services I have attended. It has the ritual of the Catholic Church, which I love, and added is the more mystical interpretations of some of the prayers. For example instead of saying, I  believe in God, the Father almighty, it says something like, “there is this all mighty being that is the ground of our existence.” This allows one to move into a oneness with the Divine Presence. And all through out the service, the priest (which can be a woman, by the way) says, “Christ in You.” This, for me, allows me the space to move into the awareness of the truth of my Being, that Divine Presence. Now one has to separate the distinction between Jesus the man and Christ the Consciousness, which Steiner does thoroughly in his work. So for those who still love the connection with Christ, but does not appreciate the dogma that the Catholic Church is now trying to move through, this is a wonderful connection. The communion service is the main attraction, so to say, and grape juice is served as the Blood of Christ, to replenish our spirit, instead of wine.

The Christian Community is also connected to the Anthroposophical Society, that Steiner separated  from the Theosophical society, that had been connected with Krishnamurti.

There are many stories around Jesus in the Yoga community. Many yogis will tell you Jesus spent time in India and they consider him an enlightened Being. Steiner has a very involved story around Jesus becoming the Christ, or Christ moving into Jesus the man at the time of his Baptism. Because they all do  not agree with each other, the only thing I can say is that I will not know for sure until the truth is revealed to me in my own awareness. Until then I just keep an opened mind. Who ever Jesus was, he was an amazing being, and his life stories and are inspiring to me.

Some of Steiner’s group use the mantra, “I and the Christ are One,” as a spiritual practice. It is beautiful.

May we all realized the truth of our Being, May all Beings Be Happy.


Solana Tara