Danielle Steel secretly helping the Homeless in the streets of San Francisco


I have to admit I have only read a few of Danielle Steel’s books. My sister reads all of them, so quite often I am aware of some of her stories. I usually prefer books considered Spiritual. But this book does fit that genre. This book hits close to my heart because, as Daniel Steel does in her book, I became very involved with working with the homeless. Only she worked in San Francisco and I worked mostly in Marin County, California, one of the most affluent counties in the U.S. It is amazing such an affluent place could have so many homeless. Working with the homeless changed my life. I am glad Danielle wrote this book because I used to think of writing one myself. Like her, I first was very afraid. I see so many people have this fear or deep judgement about the homeless. But as is shared in her book, once you really get to know them, they have fantastic stories.

If you have been afraid of these homeless humans, please read this book, then at least through the reading you will get to know some of them. We are really all one human family, and these are our brothers and sisters that need to be taken care of. I got the book at a busy time in my life, but ended up reading it in one sitting until the early hours of the morning. It is one of her shorter books, but perhaps also one of her best. She also is an inspiration to others to go out and help others. If you are feeling depressed about your life, try helping others. She did this after her son committed suicide. So the best recipe for a happier life is to help those that have less than you and realize maybe your life is not as bad as you thought.

 Thank you Danielle for writing this book.

I wrote this review because it is Thanksgiving.  For a continued story, see my next blog with more about the homeless.