Yoga Vasishtha

Image result for yoga vasishtaA person is qualified to study this scripture who has the understanding, “I am bound, Let me be liberated”, and who is neither totally ignorant nor is the know of Truth.

Many years ago I had started to study Yoga Vasishtha, but never went in very deeply. A little while back I went through a time period where I just could not find any satisfaction in life, even though I was living in a spiritual community. Then one week it got even worse and I saw through intuitive insight that there was nothing in the world that could make me happy, and it felt quite depressing. I also was able to witness the situation and was quite surprised, since I naturally have a more positive personality. Then the memory of Rama, from the Yoga Vasishtha, who was feeling dispassionate about life came to my mind. I immediately searched out a copy of the book, found the quote above, and felt an immediate sense of relief. I was going to be okay now, I had found what my soul was searching for. With this in mind, I will begin to share my journey in story of Rama and his own enlightenment. Yoga Vasishtha promises to lead one to final liberation.