Spiritual Awakening

Are you ready and willing?

Introduction to Adyashanti's 30 day Awakening Challenge

Adyashanti and Tami Simon from Sounds True introduced the 30-Day Wake Up Challenge. When I heard it, I knew I wanted to do it. Some of the highlights of the video that I noted were:

  • What people wanted the most were teachings that people could take into themselves, that were short and daily.


  • There is incredible power to some skillfully put together pointers that point to parts of our own experiences that we tend to overlook.


  • These pointers tend to be the most revelatory, transformative aspects of our whole Being. Having our attention drawn to these certain areas can be as powerful as our regular spiritual practices.


  • The purpose of these pointers is to call forth a domain of consciousness that we tend to overlook.


  • Awakening is more like a recognition of what was always present.


  • When someone does two things:

  • 1) Points out, says look here, this is what it is like, this is how to intuitively sense what is already there and

  •  2) Articulates it in a way that can evoke a realization that we knew it, but we did not know we knew it until someone articulated it and brought it to our attention in a very specific way.


  • Awakening is an essential and relatively spontaneous shift of our identity, of how we feel, sense, think about our self.


  • We feel and sense, we are not an individual moving through life, we feel a deep connection to the totality of life itself, we feel more of life itself, appearing as a particular person, also as a particular individual as well but also we feel as if we are the whole of life. We feel it not just as an experience, but we feel and know it is essentially what I AM. That is a shift of identity.

  • A shift of identity is the hallmark of what any awakening experience is all about.

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