Day Two 30-Day Wake-up Challenge

Day Two – 30-Day Wake-up Challenge with Adya

Day 2: The spacious and empty nature of awareness

Today Adya asks us to look at the nature of awareness as being spacious and empty.

The practice begins by releasing hold of what is in the mind, just letting what it there be, not trying to figure things out.

I have noticed in the past the mind wanting to figure things out, this has been a powerful pointer for me, because it helps to bring consciousness to what was unconscious before. 

Rest in the knowing that everything is happening in expansive awareness. Notice awareness is effortless.

YOU do NOT need to do anything to make awareness more aware. This seems like common sense, but when I hear this pointer, I realize on some level I have felt like I needed to make awareness more aware, I guess that is like trying to make water wetter.

·       Rest in awareness and notice it is open,

·        Notice felt sense (this is a pointer that has been very helpful, to notice there is a feeling sense)

·       You are not trying to do anything to change content

(what is happening in the mind, this is also helpful to notice because usually if I notice there is an upset feeling, I want to change that)

·       Notice awareness has open feeling, let yourself rest in this spacious, sense and feel the it, that is what we call Presence.

·        Take a moment to rest into this observation it’s knowing that all of your thoughts and feelings  is happening within expansive awareness

You are resting in the fundamental sense of your own being.

So this one pointer has made a huge shift, the noticing that this is really who I am. I notice that it is very helpful to remind myself of this often.

Adya says, That it is important to understand otherwise you will relate to this as sort of a spiritual practice and you will forget that, “wait a minute I am actually EXPLORING my Being, I am exploring who and what I Am.  I am not just doing a technique, I am actually exploring and experiencing my own true nature.”

Again to emphasize, that this pointer has been extremely helpful and I hope to continue to use it, because I can feel the power of the potential for the continuing deepening of realizing, I AM.

So many things that Adya points out in these pointers are so potentially powerfully, that I could continue on but in the name of blogging, I offer this to you today in the hopes it touches something within you.

Many Blessings to you All,

Solana Tara

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