Day 3: The Presence of Being

Day 3: The presence of Being

Again we are invited to start by the simple acknowledgment of awareness (notice the power of just that invitation)

Then bring awareness to the feeling sense of awareness (another important pointer- FEEL the sense of awareness, there is great power in the Feeling)

And with that feeling sense, notice that awareness is always present, you don’t have to understand it or capture it, just notice it is already there. (again very powerful to notice, and this in itself could be very life-transforming, when I notice it at first, quite often an immense feeling of gratitude arises for the feeling of this Presence)

    So notice that the spacious and open nature of awareness has a Presence to it, meaning that there is a subtle intuitive felt sense of how awareness is experienced, a subtle feeling of aliveness. Simply by awareness beginning to recognize itself, this recognition has a correspondent effect on the body-mind and that a fact of awareness becoming aware of itself is the feeling sense, that subtle sense of Presence or aliveness.

I Am Safe

Awareness does evoke the experience of Presence, in your body, both your physical body and your subtle body or senses. Notice how your body kind of relaxes like Presence is almost like a safe space that you can kind of let go, you can relax into it, it feels kind of inviting and safe. (I have experienced doing this, after an upsetting situation, and the awareness of Presence created a shift in feeling like everything was okay with that awareness of Presence, what Adya is calling a feeling of being safe.)

We are exploring Who We Are

Adya then reminds us, again, we are not just doing a spiritual practice for a future pay off (this pointer has been very helpful for me, it is an amazing realization to see that what we are really doing is exploring who we are. I sometimes say to myself, this is who I am, and there is a joyous response in me when that is recognized).

I’m not the thoughts in my mind.

A radical understanding from doing this simple practice can occur that can give to rise as an insight, an intuitive recognition that, “ I’m not the thoughts in my mind, there are thoughts in my mind, but all that is just momentary content that arises, and passes away and even when it passes away you still have the sense of being 

There is only an idea, I am doing it!

Awareness isn’t something that you’re doing, when you look for who’s doing this thing called awareness, you find there’s nothing there, there’s no one there except an idea, I’m doing it. But when you let go of that idea, awareness is conscious of itself, it’s doing itself, it’s literally more you than all the thoughts you’ve ever had about yourself in your entire life.

 They are nothing but thoughts in your head!

All those thoughts, all those descriptions of what people told you were, good, bad or indifferent, all those self-judgments, all of that, are nothing but thoughts in your head.

And we’re just waking up from identifying with those, we are not even trying to get rid of those thoughts. We are just seeing those thoughts are not you.

Who are you?

You are awareness of being, invisible awareness. Abide in that felt sense of awareness with the possibility that maybe when I do this, I’m actually experiencing the formless nature of my being, of who I am. So in essence you’re hanging out with who and what you really are, a formless aspect of being.

May we all have awareness of our meeting in the One.

Many Blessings,

Solana Tara


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