Day 4: Abiding as I AM

Day Four of 30 Day Wake-Up challenge

with Adya (Solana’s insights)

Day four begins with a reminder that these teachings are meant to be experienced, to experience the truth of your Being, not just thought about.(This again is emphasized because it can be a turning point to realize that for us to really get it, we need to get if from within ourselves as an insight, as our own realizations. Otherwise it does not go very deep and we are missing the pointer. Also when we realize this, it can help us to realize that this is also true for others, in case you are spending a lot of energy trying to get someone else to realize something.)

Today’s practice we are deciding to Abide in the I Am, before all its personal identities. We generally define ourselves through our thoughts. Remember thoughts are just thoughts, they are not who we are, even though they may create feelings that make us believe that we are those feelings.
(I have heard this many times, but it is only recently that I actually looked to see what it means. When we have feelings, especially intense feelings, we feel them and we naturally associate them as our feelings, that they belong to us, or they are my feelings. That sense of mine, is what makes us believe there is an individual ( I )connected to the feelings, rather than realizing the feelings are just present in a space of awareness. If we realize this it can give us a sense of distance, which can give us some space to see the reality of the truth. People also talk about people can use this as a spiritual bypass of feelings. That is not what we are discussing here, you can realize, yes these feelings are present, and be fully present with them. If you are feeling angry about something it is good to acknowledge that the anger is present. Then it can be released, rather than allowing it to be suppressed in the subconscious, which will rear its head in other ways if it is not acknowledged. The way I deal with these emotions is to acknowledge their presence, and see them as small hurt children that are abandoned, so I welcome them into my heart. That welcoming, that sense of acceptance, is what dissolves them. When we do this, it does benefit the Whole.)

How could a mere thought or collection of thoughts be who you are?

So say to yourself, I Am and feel the stillness afterwards, and again I AM, notice how quiet and silent the experience of I AM. Stay with that for a while.
(There is also a proverb in the Old Testament that says BE Still and know I AM God, that has the same purpose if one contemplates it, and one can drop the word God and say Be still and Know I AM if the word God does not agree with your mind).

The rest of the practice is to notice that thoughts are just thoughts, abstract ephemeral creations of your mind. When the mind has moments of silence you still are, but not as a thought, not as a someone or something to be evaluated or judged. Then to rest in that pure still Sense of I AM, the key word is Sense. Remember we are feeling this to have the sense of experience. Again just I AM, prior to thoughts.

Just rest in the direct awareness of I Am

The I am is awareness’s recognition of itself as awareness. So just rest in this recognition of your true being, of your formless being
And Enjoy!

All of these practices are so powerful, and any one of them can be life transforming. Even just the reminder to Enjoy the practices. It is extremely enjoyable for the Presence to recognize itself. Sometimes I move into great feelings of ecstasy when this happens. So Enjoy.

Many Blessings to you All,

Solana Tara

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