Day 5: I AM Your True Identity

Day 5- Insights from Wake Up Challenge with Adyashanti

Awakening has everything to do with misplaced identity.

Awakening is kind of an Aha Moment!

These are pointers to direct experience and perception of “what is” already who you are.

I Am is awareness recognizing itself as awareness.

In today’s practice Adya leads us to sink into that place of quiet open spacious awareness that we are, and see if we can notice and feel that it is actually awareness looking through our eyes and hearing through our ears. And then to see if we can notice that the presence is also looking at us from the eyes of others.

It was an incredibly powerful experience when I did this. Again, I was walking on the beach and feeling that is was the awareness that was seeing the beach, the water, and all the people on the beach. It bec
ame so quiet, and beautiful and exquisite. There was also awareness listening to the ocean waves, but there was not an I” that was listening.

In my mind, I had the thought that noticing the Presence of others looking at me was going to be a more of a challenge, but I would give it a go anyway.

I felt led to look at some of the children on the beach. When I looked at the children, they looked at me and I could see the Presence looking at me through their eyes. I was very surprised and it was a very deeply profound experience.

Later I tried this with my dog, as suggested by Adya, and it was amazing, I was able to feel a sense of the Presence looking at me through the eyes of the dog. It was lots of fun.

May all Beings Awaken to the truth of the I Am Presence. There is tremendous gratitude for Adya creating this course.

I hope something here is able to touch an awakening within you.

Many Blessings,

Solana Tara

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